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Weld Practice Kit - Stainless Steel Flat Coupons

Bend Brothers

Regular price €14,95

Tig welding, like any skill, takes significant time underneath the hood to perfect your welds into glowing stacks of dimes. 

The simplest way to dial in your tig is by practising on cut-up tube sections or flat coupons, but we are all a little short on time in this world ⏲ so spending it cutting and prepping material isn't the most brilliant idea.

This wasn't an option, so we have designed tig weld practice kits to save you time by pre-prepping all coupons ready for you to tig weld from the packet!


Product: Stainless Weld Practice Kit - Flat Coupons

Material: 304 Grade Stainless Sheet 

Quantity: 5x coupons

What you get: 1 Kit containing 5x pre-cleaned & prepped flat coupons.