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Aluminium Pie Cuts

                                           3" 76mm Aluminium 6061 grade pie cut pieces

Are small pieces of stainless tube cut like a wedge of pie; when you place multiple pie cuts together, they start to create a bend.

Pie cuts are hugely popular because the user can create almost unlimited bend shapes. You do this by clocking the pie cuts at different degree's, this lets you snake the bend around obstacles or follow required lengths & radiuses for flow.

Bend Brothers pie cuts are made from 100% 6061-grade Aluminium pipe.


Precision-cut giving a precise angle every time.

Ultrasonically cleaned for out of the packet welding.

Brushed for a premium finish.

Hand Packed.


The biggest advantage of a pie cut bend is being able to change direction as you please, engine bays are only getting more jam-packed so it's necessary for you the fabricator to be able to work around any obstacle.   


You will benefit immediately from the time and money you save using pre-made pie cuts in your fabrication & welding jobs.


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