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304 Stainless Steel Pie Cut - 9° Degree - 1D Tight Radius - Individual

Bend Brothers

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Bend Brothers 304ss Pie Cut's sold individually these are un-prepped and will need cleaning before welding.

It all starts with laser cutting then each pie cut is quality checked & hand-packed in Australia.

It takes you hours to mark up, cut and prepare pie cuts yourself.

But you can avoid wasting your money & time by using pre-made pie cut kits; it takes less than a minute to open the packet & start fabricating

That's quicker than making a coffee!



Product: 9° Degree 1D Tight Radius 304 SS Pie Cut 

Material: 304 Grade Stainless Steel

Total Cut Angle: 4.5° Per Side 9° Total Per Slice

Total Quantity: 1pcs (9° Total)

What you get: 1x Pie Cut Piece.


       Why ours? 

• 304 SS, 1.6mm wall thickness

• Precision cut to .05mm tolerance 

• Quality inspected 

All of this shipped straight to your door!