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Ready To Weld VS Un-prepped products. What's the difference?

Posted by David Taylor on


G'day! 👋


You may be confused about what "Un-Prepped" and "Ready To Weld" means regarding some of our products.

Ready to weld = prepped, cleaned and packaged in airtight packaging.

Un-prepped = Same product, but there is NO prep work, NO cleaning and NO airtight packaging.


Prep work depends on the product itself but can consist of the following: linishing/sanding cut faces, removing metal burs and/or laser cutting spatter, removing polish residue, etc.

Our cleaning process uses ultrasonic cleaners and specific solutions to ensure a spotlessly clean product packaged in an airtight bag ready for you to weld.

After cleaning the product, it is rechecked for quality and cleaning imperfections. Only then is it sealed inside its packaging, ready to be shipped out!

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